Build stronger supplier relationships by gaining greater visibility into your company's spending patterns.



purchase-i allows you to analyze your suppliers so you can make better informed purchasing decisions and work out to the penny how to improve your costs.

Improve supplier visibility

Discover which suppliers make you the most profit and which don’t.

Prioritize your suppliers

Be alerted to how much you spend and streamline the number you work with.

Improve buying power

Increase your spend with key suppliers to give you the best value.

Easily plan ahead

Identify fluctuations in demand from your customers and act accordingly.

Improve your margins, knowledge and performance

purchase-i is designed specifically to make the life of any purchasing or finance department much easier. The system allows you to track the cost of every purchase right down to the item’s cost, color and size. This makes it incredibly easy to compare the costs at which your buyers are purchasing and, as a result, work out which suppliers are best to purchase from. What’s more, your buying team will track their progress at each meeting, so you can monitor exactly what’s been agreed, even after a buyer has left the company.


Who needs purchase-i?

We help organizations that...

  • Have 50+ suppliers

  • Want to reduce costs with suppliers

  • Have limited visibility on interactions

  • Want to improve buying processes


Give your purchasing and finance team the visibity they need.

Track and manage supplier behavior

purchase-i gives your entire purchasing and finance team a place to analyze exactly what your costs entail down to the finest detail.

No longer will you have to deal with vague numbers. Instead, you’ll know exactly what each cost accounts for, broken down by item name, size and color among other criteria. This insight not only allows you to compare suppliers and get the best deal, it also makes your purchasing life a thousand times easier.

Make better informed purchasing decisions

Pairing the insight you’ll get into your suppliers with the customer buying trends in sales-i, you’ll find it easy to predict when to purchase products, what quantities you’re likely to need depending on the time of year and which suppliers will give you the best value.

What’s more, you can export these trends in a click with Snapshot and Enquiry reports, so you can instantly get all of the information you could ever need on each supplier you work with.

Say goodbye to time consuming reports

If you're like most companies, you'll be spending a chunk of your time creating purchasing reports to show to management or your suppliers. purchase-i will create these reports at the click of a button, saving you time to concentrate on what really matters.

Available in PDF, DOC or PPT, your purchasing reports will give you a vast array of information such as top suppliers you work with, amount of products you've purchased, most profitable products, seasonal trends and much more.

From Manhattan to Mumbai...

…or wherever else your purchasing and finance team may end up, purchase-i is with them.

By simply updating the system after each meeting with details of the prices agreed, deals discussed and future action points, you’ll always be able to keep track of exactly how your buyers are getting on.

This also acts as a safeguard to ensure that if an employee were to leave, they wouldn’t be taking all of their knowledge with them.

Every company with multiple suppliers that buy on a regular basis can't fail to benefit from purchase-i.

Sharon Wright

Operations Director at MainMan

purchase-i allows us to log buyer-supplier communication, so if someone leaves the company, they don’t take all their information with them. It also allows us to spot trends in our purchase history, helping with our ordering and stock holdings, something we simply couldn’t do before.


Revolutionize your purchasing process today.

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